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Dr. Zambrano's office is located only about 2 blocks from the Mexican customs station. Turn right at first corner and go 1.5 blocks. He's on the South side of the street. Look for the orange canopy.


Direct from Mexico:
. . .011 52 899 937-0979
Toll Free from U.S.

. . . . . . 1-210-399-9242
. . . . . . 1-866-727-6984


Easy to follow instructions:

Progreso is located about eight miles from Weslaco, Texas. Weslaco is midway between Harlingen and McAllen. From Expressway 83 take the Texas 1015 or "International Blvd" exit and go south about 7 miles. Park on the US side for $2.00 or cross the bridge by car for $2.00 and return for about $2.00. Parking is available on the main street and there are parking lots available. Walking across the bridge costs .25¢ and .30¢ returning. The office is about 1/4 mile from the bridge with covered sidewalks on both sides of the main street.

After passing through the Mexican customs checkpoint, simply proceed to the first corner and turn right. Proceed 1-1/2 blocks and find Dr. Zambrano's office on the South side of Coahuila St. See the picture of his office here.



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